"Move over Baby Boy !" - Reid

Tyler Simms was born to Rosalind and Glenn Simms and is the youngest of the Sons Of Ipswich by a year, hence the nickname "Baby Boy." Because he is youngest, he will come into his powers last of the group, which is a potential reason for why Chase Collins ignores him.

Tyler Simms is in his last year of schooling with Reid Garwin, Caleb Danvers, and Pogue Parry. He is very quiet and reserved, and also at the top of his class.

His best friend is Reid Garwin, and he is single. He is also the most naive and innocent of the group, and is sort of Reid's sidekick. He tends to state the obvious.

Tyler, along with the rest of the boys from the Covenant, is on the swim team and is the best in Spenser Academy at his specific stroke.

His prized possession is his black Hummer H2, that Reid mostly drives.

Tyler Simms

Tyler and Reid at swim practice.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

"It's not right, using it on each other, Caleb." - Tyler to Caleb after the fight behind the bar

Tyler has the Power.

  • Power Sensory: Because of their spiritual union, Tyler can sense whenever another of the Sons of Ipswich is using his powers. He can also feel the strength of the power used.
  • Telekinesis: Tyler combined this power with Caleb, Ried, and Pogue, to make his Hummer fly. He also used this to manuver himself off a cliff to the ground.