The Book of Damnation

The Book of Damnation

The Book of Damnation gives all the rules and information that the Sons of Ipswich need to go by to live with the power that they possess, as well as instructions on how to use The Power. It appears as an old, leather-bound, book with a wraith-like figure holding a scythe on the cover.


The CovenantEdit

In the movie, the Sons go into the basement of the Colony House, and Caleb Danvers uses The Power to get the Book of Damnation off the bookshelf.

He shows the other other three Sons of Ipswich the book that lists the names of the others during the Salem Witch Trial of the people that were charged, and how the name Charles Putnam was one on the list and how Agnes Goody Pope claimed that John Putnam came to her in her dreams as an incubus, after she was widowed.
The Book of Damnation2

The Book of Damnation

Her husband, Jacob, died June 4, 1692. Her son, Hagan, was born on April 11, 1693 which is 10 months and 24 days later. Which means that Chase Collins was a descendent of John Putnam through the Pope family, and that's how he had The Power.


  • For some reason, the Book of Damnation doesn't have any information detailing how The Power came into existence.

This may be the back of the book at the end of the film.