Sarah Wenham

Sarah Wenham

Sarah Wenham

The newest transfer in Spenser Academy, Sarah won a scholarship and moved to Ipswich from Boston, where she attended a public school.

Whilst at Spenser, she was Kate Tunney's roommate and good friend. A kind and friendly girl, she did not make a scene when Kira Snider, one of the other students of the academy taunted her about her previous school. During the Spenser annual party, she caught the eye of both Caleb Danvers and Reid Garwin, but she showed an immediate liking to Caleb, asking Kate later at the dorm if he was dating anyone and admiring how he stayed with his mom instead of partying with the rest of the students at the dorms.

A loyal friend, she immediately ran to the infirmary when she found out about Kate's "illness" (a creation spell caused by Chase Collins). After informing Caleb of the situation, she remained in the infirmary in case she heard anything new about Kate's condition.

Sarah appears to have a high intelligence level, since she won the scholarship to Spenser Academy and quickly figured out the truth behind the stories of the five founding families of Ipswich.

Outgoing and social, she likes making new friends, dancing, having a good time and taking pictures of beautiful landscapes with her camera.

What happened after the events of the movie between her and Caleb is unknown, but it can be assumed that the two remained in a loving relationship.