Pogue Parry is the second oldest of the Sons of Ipswich and attends Spenser Academy with his friends and fellow warlocks Caleb Danvers, Tyler Simms, and Reid Garwin. He works as a mechanic at a motorcycle garage.


He was born to Beatrice and Wayne Parry in 1988. He drives a motorcycle. He's the best breaststroke swimmer at Spencer Academy, helping the team go to State Finals two years in a row.

He's dating Kate Tunney. She's beautiful, outgoing and flirty. She hates Pogue's jealousy but he appears to care for her deeply.

He doesn't like Chase Collins, not only because he flirts with Kate but he has the feeling something isn't quite right with him. He went after Chase in retaliation for hurting Kate, and in turn, Chase used his powers, causing Pogue to lose control of his motorcycle and crash it, almost putting him into a coma. Personality He can be the life of the party and is an adrenaline junkie. He's an uncompromising friend, no matter how tough the situation is.

He's close to Caleb and takes his lead from him.
Caleb & Pogue

Caleb & Pogue

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Pogue using his powers.

Pogue is very gifted in using the Power.

  • Power Sensory - Because of their spiritual union, Pogue can sense whenever another of the Sons of Ipswich is using his powers. He can also feel the strength of the power used.
  • Telekinesis - Pogue can move and interact with objects without physical contact. He was able to combine his powers with his friends to levitate Tyler's Hummer high over a chasm. Pogue used this power to safely descend off a cliff to the ground.