General infoEdit

Kira Snider is another student at Spenser Academy. She has red hair, a pale complexion and blue eyes. She is first seen beside Aaron Abbot, when he is checking Sarah during the annual Spenser party. She seems to have a crush on Caleb and so gets in the middle of Caleb and Sarah's conversation, effectively getting Caleb's attention, but without much success. 

Snobbish and a bit of a bitch, she sneers at Sarah and tries to intimidate her for being at the academy on a scholarship, while she probably paid in order to get in, suggesting she comes from a wealthy family. 

She does not make any other appearances in the movie, but she is seen briefly during one of the classroom scenes sitting next to Aaron. It can be assumed that they have a relationship, though it cannot be confirmed. Her fate after the events of the movie are unknown.