Evelyn Danvers is the wife of William Danvers III and the mother of Caleb Danvers. Not much is known about her life prior to the events of the movie. She lives alone in the Danvers mansion with her son, while her husband stays hidden in the Danvers Boarding house with their butler, Gorman. Over the years, she picked up the nasty habit of drinking, to try and forget about the fact that her husband, though being only 44 years old, looks like a 90-year-old man, due to the abuse of his powers.

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Evelyn Danvers worries over her son's future as his eighteenth birthday nears and he'll Ascend to greater power

After her son Caleb goes alone to face Chase, she goes to visit her husband and finally convines him to will his share of The Power to his son so he can defeat Chase Collins. She stayed with her husband until he died. Whatever happened to her after that is unclear, but it can be assumed that she continued living in the family mansion.