General infoEdit

Not much is known about the personal life of Aaron Abbot prior to the events of the movie.

A senior student at Spenser Academy, Aaron appears to be a member of the school's football team, judging by his clothing during the Spenser annual party. He is most likely the leader of the Jocks clan of the school, with multiple other football team members always around him, agreeing to his every word.

He is seen sharing classes with Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, Tyler Simms and Chase Collins, with his supposed girlfriend Kira Snider always on his side.

Personality traitsEdit

Throughout the film, Aaron seems hell-bent to oppose the "Sons of Ipswich" in everything they say. When he notices that the new transfer student Chase Collins seems to be a part of that group, he picks a fight with him in the boys locker room, only to be overpowered and taunted by him for his... "private equipment."

According to Kate Tunney, he is a "prick", and he does not seem to have any respect for women, treating them like dirt.

it can be assumed that he has rightfully earned the title of the school bully, though he also seems extremely jealous of the attention the Sons of Ipswich get from everyone else, including his girlfriend.

At the beginning of the movie, he showed a certain interest for Sarah Wenham, but quickly lost it when Sarah showed interest in Caleb.

His fiery personality can be related to Reid's temper tantrums, with the difference that Aaron does not back down from a fight, even when he knows he might lose. When he lost on game of pool from Reid, he refused to pay for the lost bet and was willing to go on a full scale fight with Reid, since he didn't want to admit his loss, suggesting that he has been spoiled all his life and defeat is not something he'll take easily.